Direction Please

Having a bit of an issue figuring things out. Can someone please direct me to the one forum about the beta testing of my.sketechup so I can contrubute as I continue testing? Just got back into modeling, so I’m not used to the layout and format of this community.

Thank You.

You are on the right track!
This is the official SketchUp forum which is divided in catagories, among them the my.sketchup.
Here is a link to the initial post by@jody :

You might want to invest more about the forum here:
Happy sketching!

As my.SketchUp is still in beta, there is only one category to raise/document issues: my.sketchup which is where this conversation is happening!

If you want to be a bit more specific in your posts, then you can tag posts with keywords as you make your initial post. Useful keywords include:

  • Bug
  • Help
  • Advice
  • FeatureRequest

As you are composing your post beginning a conversation, SketchUp will (I think) suggest tags that have already been used in this category when you first click in the “Tag” field. I encourage you to try to use tags that have been used before, but if none come close, feel free to create a new one!

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