Dimensions in Sketchup revert to layer zero?

Hello all.
I have some dimensions in a sketchUp (ver:2019) dwg that keep reverting to layer zero. Not sure if this is an error on my part or a software glitch. I’ve placed the dims on a layer “Dims Back Of Fence”
I have two scenes. One they should be on. The other off. it seems sort of at random. But it has happened that the whole set of dimensions jumps back to layer zero, therefore not doing what they are supposed to. After working just fine.? Im not sure if it is tied to closing and reopening as it happened in a long session last week. Either way. Curious what might cause that behaviour.
Any thoughts?

It sounds like something you are not doing correctly. How about sharing the .skp file so we can see what you have? Seeing your .skp file will make it easy for us to get you sorted out.

FWIW, nothing gets “put on” layers in SketchUp. In SketchUp 2020, Layers have been replaced by Tags. They are a property assigned to entities.

Hi Dave.
Thanks for the reply.
Probably it is something I am doing. I have some ideas I am working on and am reluctant to share at this point with a group. is there a way to share directly.

Regardless of the term i used. the dims should remain on that layer, right?
Im waiting for enscape to support 2020 before i update.

You can send the file to me via a PM. click on my name and then Message.

Unless you are doing something that you haven’t told us yet, the dimensions should keep the layer tag you’ve assigned to them.

Since a SketchUp layers (tags) aren’t containers or locations, nothing can really be “on” them. You are correct though that the the object should retain its association with the layer (tag) unless you explicitly apply a new layer to it (re-tag it).

Maybe you have accidentally installed a plugin that applies Layer0 to entities in the model?

Ooh, I like the term “layer tag”, at least until we all get used to calling them just tags. It also helps people who are not using SU 2020 and haven’t come across the term tag yet.

Even Aaron kept slipping up in the vid he made yesterday!

Good explanation. Thanks.
Something is weird in this dwg. Dave R cleaned it up and pointed out a few things? My active layer was changed. which is not something I do. but I probably misclicked. This morning when I opened it. My tray setup was closed and the defalt was open. spooky but no harm done. :wink:

Thanks for the input folks. I definitely learned a few things.

Think we could get a small royalty if folks start using the term :wink:

Y’all need to learn to do setup tasks in a special session. SketchUp only saves preference settings (like location and visibility of trays, inspector panels and toolbars,) when it closes normally.

So make your changes then quit and restart SketchUp. (If you instead start modeling and get a crash, all your setup changes will be lost.)

Layer Tags would soon be shortened to Lags, which could be confused with performance(…):thinking: