Dimensions in Entity Info are TOO light when grayed

In SketchUp Pro–some future go around, could the “grayed” display of dimensions in the entity info window be made darker–or is this a Mac default? Only in SketchUp do I find this just too faint. I know it’s to indicate the box is non-editable, but really, you want to be able to read it!Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 2.15.21 PM

maybe it needs to be bigger. Many windows have the same issue as my car screen. Lots of territory but the actual information is in small letters in a small part of the screen. And in the info window–plenty of empty space…but small dim numbers when it comes to content.

Maybe it could be done more like on the PC? Black text on a gray field if it isn’t editable and white field if it is.
Screenshot - 2_24_2021 , 4_24_20 PM

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I think that’s an OS thing… Mac shows light gray on white.

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The Windows design seems to give precedence to areas for information rather than empty space.