Dimensions in DC seem to cause model problems

The window DC is in the top left

After right clicking in outliner and selected redraw compoent 5 more windows are draw with dimensions

Now if I save the model I get the fix dialog

If I select fix now

The dimension on “copied” windows disapear

Here is some of the code for the window.

I would speculate If I bring in the window manually 5 times the problem may go away. Given how much I’m changing instance attributes a case could be made just to bring in the windows 5 times. But I would like to know another way to fix this.

When I rewrote the DC window to get dimensions from none copied members the problem went away. For example there are two headers, one is “real” and one is generated from copy=1. The original dimension was to the generated copy. When I hid all the generated members and did all dimensions to “real” members only, the problem of disappearing dimensions went away.

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