Dimensions convert feet + inches single instance

There is a way but I cannot remember it to change a specific entry like 2’ 1/2" to 24 1/2" by putting in parenthesis with a symbol before it like && or ^ . Searched endlessly and everyone keeps mentioning make a global change to all notations in the model vs a specific instance. Thanks!

I’ve never seen that in SketchUp. I would just change Units to Fractional if I wanted that. Or I guess you could edit the dimension text and type in 24 1/2".

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You can always just manually type what you want if you only want it for one. But that will break the dynamic nature of the dimension.


You can add text and keep the dimensions dynamic by using the parenthesis (< >):

But the text itself (or conversions) can not be ‘dynamic’.

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Dave, I might be mistaken. The closest thing I found from my notes with entering less than greater than symbols <> which then allows you to type text including a static measurement followed by <>

Appreciate everyone’s help, thanks.

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I wanted to add a benefit where a static measurement can be useful. Say you want to change a dimension but save the existing dimension for comparison. You could actually have both by adding a second dynamic measurement and labeling the old angle / measurement “old” 58 1/8" or “old” 60 degrees.