Dimensioning to center of wall

How do I dimension from the edge of an exterior wall to the center of an interior wall? I have figured out how to dimension edge to edge but I need to go to the center.


You could dimension to the midpoint of the top or bottom of the wall. If you’ve drawn the wall in SketchUp, you could add a small line segment at that location if you need to. And if needed, you can group it, tag it and turn off the tag after you’ve added the dimension so it doesn’t show in the viewport.

I’m a newbie and someone else has done the modelling. I am putting together the permit set for them in layout. How do I select the top/bottom?

It would be a lot easier if you would share the file so we can see exactly what you are working with.

You don’t say if you are looking at a plan but I’m assuming so.

If you have the Layout file, you can open the SU file. You could create a tag for a temporary line, even a construction line, and put one at the centre of your wall at, say, floor level. Then update the LO file so that the line shows and add your dimension. Then turn off the tag in LO.