Dimensioning: Place Dimension automatically at the Front or End if the Space is narrow


When you add dimensions to a modell it is a lot of time consuming work to place all dimensions, where the space between the lines is to narrow, at the front or the end.

I would enjoy, when this would be done automatically.

What do you think of that suggestion please?

Independent of that:
Is there any extension, which can perform that task?

Important: I talk about modelling, not about the software “Layout”.


It’s not the ultimate (automatic) solution for you but might save some time:
Right click on any dimension (or on the one you just placed) and select ‘Text Position’ in the context menu. This will give you the three options: Ourside Start / Centered / Outside End

Thanks. But that method I meant with my “at the front or the end

I added a shortcut to the command “Outside End”, but it has no effect.
Can you reproduce that behaviour.

What keychord did you try to use for the shortcut? Some modifier keys are pre-empted by built-in tool options. For example, when the selection tool is active (necessary to be able to select a dimension in the first place) both shift and option are wired to modify the selection, which precludes using them in a user-defined shortcut. The preferences will let you set, for example, option-E but it won’t fire because the option key never reaches the shortcut system. I succeeded in setting ctrl-E to fire Edit/Context Menu Flyout/Text Position/Outside End.

Edit: BTW I don’t think this will ever be an automatic feature because the choice of start vs end is up to the user. Automating either choice would only give a 50% chance that the new position is any less cluttered than centered.

I tried “u”, “Shift+u” and “Shift+Ctrl+u” for “Edit/Context Menu Flyout/Text Position/Outside End”.
All these shortcuts are accepted in the preferences pane.
None of them works.
I use SU 2020 on macOS.

I tested that with active and non active function dimensioning.

I can’t believe, that is impossible for a software to choose, if there’s free space at the end oder the start. May be someone who knows other 3D modelling software knows if such type of functions exist there. I’m completely new to SU and modelling in general.