Dimensioning a pyramid


I’m building a small children’s coat tree. The standard has a small, pyramid on the top with a .5" rise. My problem is how to use the dimension tool to show that .5" rise on the final plan. The problem is that the dimension spread needs to run from a point in the interior of the drawing on the center of the pyramid base to the peak of the pyramid. This point is, of course, in the interior of the drawing. Accessing that point is the problem I’m having. Any ideas? I attached the drawing here FYI.

Center Standard.skp (13.6 KB)


Draw a temporary Line from the center of the top edge of the shape.
Constrain it in the the Y/green axis by holding Shift, drag it to the pyramid’s apex and snap to it.
Add the Dimension to that Line.
Finally Delete that temporary Line.

You can do it using “inferencing” alone, Mid-side and Apex clicks - but I think a temporary line is often easier…

But you will get an extended leader that way…


You don’t need access to the center of the base. That’s what extension lines are for. Look: