Dimensional Precision

How do you change dimensional precision?
The default is 1/64
It appears you can not create a shape via inputing dimensions like in excel.
I wish I could choose "rectangle’ then enter Width = ___ Length = ___
Trying to adjust the dimensions using the mouse is frustrating as ____________.

Like most things in SU and LO you start to draw, let go of the mouse, type your dimensions and hit enter.
eg; 100,200 enter would give you a rectangle 100 by 200 of your chosen units.

Start to draw…check …then let go of the mouse…check…start hitting number keys on keyboard…nothing!

…and hit enter. ?

no numbers show up in the screen after i let go of my mouse
are you saying I start a line with my mouse then quickly let go of it and hit enter and then type some numbers? lol

Start any action, casually let go of the mouse and type what you need then hit enter/return to complete the action.
What you type should appear in the dimension box bottom right of the screen, until you hit enter.
Have you made an effort to watch any of the getting started videos?

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oh the little small hard to see obscure tiny little not labeled box at the bottom!!! THATS where you enter the dimensions!!! lol Like everything SU and LO not at all user friendly or obvious!
So try to put in 64 15/16" X 39 1/4"
When I try it after I type the 64 and then hit space to enter the fraction it erases the 64 and poof.

Ok, good luck with it, I’m off.


yeah you cant just enter dimensions 64" L X 39" W
and you cant draw a rectangle and edit / change. adjust the dimensions in that box.

As I said above.