Dimension unlink - Highlight is possible?

Hi All.

I’ve been editing furniture drawings in Sketchup for a long time.
Resize furniture and increase drawers, etc etc.

If you continue editing for a long time,
We will get a lot of unlinked dimensions.
But I don’t know which one is not linked.

Is there a way to highlight dimensions that are not linked to an object?
In Layout, it is displayed in red.
Is there a similar way to Sketchup?
It can be a plug-in.

Thank you :slight_smile:

all the way to the bottom, under expert settings, on a Mac.

Thank you, Odd_Haakon_Byberg

After I used the option
Some dimension show “~” mark.
What is this ?
I re-add dimension, but it does not be removed.


I found the answer… Thank you , all : )

The tilde ~ means that the dimension shown is approximate. The ~320.0mm dimension indicates that the actually dimension is somewhere between roughly 319.95 and 320.095.