Dimension change on rotation

Wondering why when I place dimensions on my model the values change when I rotate the object. Also wonder how to return them to the original values. Changing camera/views doesn’t seem to help.

Thanks Bob

Could you add a screenshot or two to clarify what you mean by that?

See if this sugguestion helps:
select objects plus all dimensions and rotate them together.
Otherwise please share the file with the model.

I think the issue maybe some dimensions were added to the component and others added inside the component. I’m still testing.
Thanks for your help WO#Dan.

pbacot I did notice on rotating the object the dimension lines did get some odd bends but the endpoints still seemed located correctly. The bends would changes position as i rotated the object.

The red circle indicates the bend in dimension lines when dimensioning on the component rather the opening it to edit.

I haven’t experienced dimensions changing on rotation, but I have experienced dimensions changing for no reason. I sent my file to tech support and they said it was a bug they are working to fix.

I’m wondering if the problem might be related to the fact my iPad is older - yes, it runs OS 15.5 but still, just wondering.

Hi @deemk
My ipad is the 4 generation ipad. I purchased it in December of 2020. It’s older but no too old. I don’t know if that’s and issue. My issue seemed to resolve when I opened the component to edit and then added my dimensions.

@Vetguy1 I’ve been playing around a bit to try to reproduce the issues you reported. Can you confirm whether you were rotating stuff in the model using SketchUp’s Rotate tool, or whether you were using the little red rotate grips that are made available when using the Move tool?

FWIW, I’m able to reproduce what you’re seeing when using the Move Tool’s rotate grips, but not when using the Rotate tool.

@MikeTadros When rotating I almost exclusively was using the track pad on my magic keyboard or with my fingers on the screen. I’m have not reproduced the issue since deleting and redoing the problem model.
I’m including a screen capture of the other dimensioning issue. In the model the actual width of the board is 1 inch but the value produced are otherwise.

Thanks you for your help,

My first guess about what you were reporting was that you meant Orbit, and not Rotate. But, with Move tool rotation there is something similar to the symptom you were describing, which made me doubt my first guess!

That aside, the thing to notice is the inference color. When it is red, the dimensions are locked to the red axis, and doing a Move/Rotate will make the dimensions change, because the red axis distance has changed. If you stop placing the dimension while the inference color is magenta, then you can Move/Rotate and the dimensions will stay the same.

There is an interesting problem, if say you want magenta inferenced dimensions in the direction of a major axis, Up/Blue for example. I don’t see a way to lock it to magenta and not to blue. With Dimensions, axis locking options are not there.

Orbiting should not change dimension values at all, but, if you have orbited a little bit, and try dimensions again, locking to red instead of magenta, the distance will appear to have changed.

Thanks @colin. I just figured the dimensions would be the same regardless of orientation of the dimension direction. I don’t get it but I’ll just stick to the magenta measurement for now.