Dimension box is missing


Show us how you place it in the lower left corner.


As Steve says, John probably edited the .nib file


Anyway. All of this is pointless when considering the original post. His measurements box was never missing. It was just off screen. Regardless, it can be moved and we have shown how. That’s what matters.


Note that he didn’t show a “before” revealing where his measurements box was located before he put it into the top bar, only the “after” as he removed it. He is famous for twiddling with the .nib files that control the layout of SketchUp’s windows and may have modified the location of measurement’s “home”.


or maybe a forgotten feature?


yes, I modified the nib file so ‘my’ VCB is on the bottom left and the Buttons I rarely used are on the right…

even then there are only two places it can be, Custom Menu Bar or the position dictated by the nib file…

my gif was really to show the ‘puff’ as the item is deleted from the toolbar…

sorry if my joke added to confusion…