Digital phisical model

I’m trying to make digital models that should look like af physical model, using SU2015 an Vray plug inn.
Thursday i have a course in how to get the materials and render settings right.
For the course i’m trying to build 3 models that resembles physical models in different scales with different detail.
Making the buildings hasn’t been a problem but getting accessories like trees, bushes and cars that looks like something from a physical model didn’t work out for me yet.
It seems that most things in the 3d warehouse aims to resemble a naturalistic feel.

Where should i look and what should i look for ?

Thanks ion advance // Jacob

I’ve attached an images of a 1:200 models with trees that look like what I’m searching fore:

Ok, so let me get this straight, you have your built model (pictured) and want to now make a digital version of what you built? So you want it to look almost exactly like your built model? Styles, colors and all?

3D Warehouse has many models and styles, so use different search terms and keep looking!

Maybe come back after your class on Thursday with an update?

If you could try to explain a bit better that may help as I am a little confused :slight_smile: You can also play with Styles by using Style Builder. Also, check out this Styles Concepts link.


Dear AlexB.

Thanks for your reply.

I know it sounds strange but you got it right - i want to make digital models that look like physical architecture models. It’s not the exact model i attached a photo from but that is an example of the result of one of the renders that a want to make.
My problem is not the render - the stuff i don’t know i’ll get from the course thursday.
My problem is that hardly any models in the 3d warehouse are miniature, and it will look really strange with an oak detailed like a real on standing between sketchy houses in cardboard and foam at 1:200 :wink:

  • and it won’t help using a funky style.

I’ve been searching the warehouse for a day now using terms as;

  • miniature, mini, micro, architecture model, physical model, modeler, and on and on
    I tried just browsing around and i tried searching for model railway but that was a dead end to.
    Any good terms for searching for miniature trees and cars will come in handy.

Thanks // Jacob

Sketch Up is designed to model at full size. The models in the warehouse are full size. I doubt that you will find a miniature model in the warehouse. If you need a tree or a vehicle, why not download it then scale it down to "model " size to insert into your SU model of a model. Do I make sense? Many times I will model a railroad building in full size then scale it down to HO and then import vehicles and people to make a model of a diorama. Of course, the vehicles and people are scaled down to HO. Just a thought.

@Jacob, have a look for 2d ‘face me’ trees, and explode then regroup them…

there are also a lot of 3d trees made with a pair of 2d ones that you could easily split to show just the one flat tree…

some you find will be rectangles with a transparent background, they can’t be recoloured unless you make ‘cut out’s’.

scale to life size for the model and you’ll have less problems, scale down later on if needed…

good luck…


Thanks all for good advise.
Scaling down won’t work cause it’s a matter of detail.
I started rebuilding a tree that i found suitable and later i’ll try to take som photos of the modeltrees i have and make those into 2d-face-me trees.
I might upload som stuff when I’m through :wink: