Diffusion + privacy

Hi all, and thank you for everyone’s contributions to this important topic.

I want to clarify that:

  • SketchUp Diffusion is NOT “Stable Diffusion Online”, which is a completely different tool and is unrelated to our services.
  • SketchUp Diffusion does not impose a CC0 license on the output.
  • A contributor to this confusion may have been the mistaken reference in our documentation to the Stable Diffusion Online tool, which we have now removed. Apologies for the confusion and thanks for helping us discover and fix that.
  • SketchUp makes no claim as to the ownership of the output from SketchUp Diffusion. Users own whatever rights are available in the output. That said, and as has been noted here, the area of AI-generated images and copyright is complex and will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and we would encourage you to look into the copyrightability of AI-derived images in your jurisdiction.

For more information about the U.S. Copyright Office’s position on the copyrightability of AI-derived images, please see copyright.gov/ai.