Different programs

I have just downloaded Sketchup and it has given me 3 programs on my desktop which is very confusing.

Layout 2016
Sketchup 2016
and Style Builder 2016

Can someone please explain in a nutshell why I need three programs and what each is for?

Thank you.

Welcome to sketchup! You can google the heck out of this question, but the short answer is that if you are just starting out you want to be using sketchup 2016. Layout is for creating 2d documents out of your 3d models, and style builder is for customizing the “style” aspect of the way sketchup shows your drawing. It’s not that the other two are not useful it’s just that you are unlikely to use them until you have a better working knowledge of Sketchup, then their usefulness will make more sense.

start with sketchup, and good luck!

Marvellous thanks. That puts it all straight in my mind, so I can move on from there and try and get to grips with it.