Different parameters for the same components in 1 drawing

When i insert 2 the same components (whit different names) in 1 drawing and i want to give them different parameters with dynamic options, they refer back to each other. Is it possible to have 2 the same components in 1 drawing with different parameters?

No. but you can make one of them unique to break its relationship with the other. Simply right click one one and choose Make Unique.

If the paramters are different, they can’t be the same component.

They are unique as i inserted them as 2 different components, the’re not copies of each ather.
But if i change te component options, the references in the component attributes change. He takes the reference of the other component

Can you share the SKP file containing the components. There’s an important
piece of information missing and seeing the components would make it clear.

Feed Rollers.skp (1.6 MB)

Here’s an example.

When you change a parameter of the Feedroller (for example diameter) in component options, both feed rollers should change but only one of them does. And when you watch inside the feedrollers component, he gives errors.

Thank you in advance

The roller geometry is the same component. You have nested components with the same component at the bottom level called Rol. Make that component unique in one of the parent components and you’ll be able to modify them independently.

What errors are you getting. What is the text of the error messages?

Unfortunately, because of the way the dynamic component is created, you won’t be able to set the parameters of one roller independent of the other without some editing of the DC. The settings are arranged to change both rollers at the same time.

By the way, it would have been helpful to mention a the beginning that you are referring to dynamic components.

Now it’s working, thank you very much and i’m sorry for de bad explanation, i’m only working with sketchup for a week now. I know i can’t set the parameters independent but it’s good for now.
Thank you