Different measurements from the ruler for the same gap?

This has really got me scratching my head. In the attached model there are two copies of a plan of the external brickwork of our kitchen. If I use the ruler to measure the gap between the two brick walls at the top - the model on the right shows a much bigger gap than the one on the left, yet if I move the model on the right over the top of the one on the left I can see they are exactly the same. How can this be? Any help will be much appreciated.
Kitchen walls pan view with dimensions (1).skp (375.3 KB)

Is you model supposed to look like this…?

Because you are not measuring in a horizontal plane - you are measuring from point to point in 3D?

(not sure if I have explained myself effectively)

Do you take measurements in Top View?


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Thank you Paul.Mcalanen. I can see the problem now. The model should look like the one on the left.
Much appreciated,

Thanks very much mihai.s. Yes I didn’t realise that I had two different models even though they look exactly the same in plan view.
Mystery solved!