Different lengths boards shown

I am building a front porch with panels of different lengths.
These boards can be bought in standard lenghts.
This menns that there will be boards that will be too long and need to be cut.

I want to, in the same model, show both conditions, with cut and uncut boards.
Preferably with the same components.

How do I do that?

You can change the length of a board component with the ‘Scale’ tool without making the component unique. To have both board versions you can do so by assigning one layer to the “cut” version (=scaled version) and another layer to the not resized (=unscaled) version components.

added: these will all still be the same component!

Ok I will try…Thanks for the help

I am a little unsure how to put the same component in two different layers.

Not the same component, but two instances of the same component.
And not like in other programs where you “put” something on a layer. SketchUp is different in how layers are used. You create a layer and in ‘Entity Info’ you can alter an entitie’s layer. So you assign a layer to a component

OK i see…that should mean that a floor of boards uncut and cut consists of two set of board components in two different layers.

I’m curious why you need to have the uncut boards in your model.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Yes, you either see uncut boards (and other entities of which their layers are visible, or you see cut boards. Layers controle visibility, nothing else. If both are set to ‘Visible’ you would see all, double sets.

The reason for this is that the shortest boards I can buy is 270cm.
That means that in some places there will be excess lengths
which have to be cut and the excess used in other places of the floor.
I want to see this and of course also the final floor.


I see. I think there are easier ways to get the same info but it sounds like you have your plan. Keep in mind that scaling the components with the angled cuts will change the angle.

Maybe you can help how to cut the horisontal boards with the diagonal board
Each board is a component
The horizontal boards are in a group

I did this cutting of boards before and had som problem to get the cutting lines inside the component to cut. They ended up on the outside of the component and could not be used to delete the unwanted parts.


I would probably first place the full planks and then save a copy of the file under a new name before doing any “destructive” modeling operations. This allows to go back to how it was before if needed, without cluttering the working file.

If you make all of the cut planks unique components, you can copy them to the side and try to manually “re-assemble” them into whole planks. If you enter them for editing (double click) with the rest of model shown but faded out, you can identify what planks in this separate collection correspond to what location on the deck.

Your first advice is already done.

Each boards are not unique but copies/instances

I want the diagonal board to first get into the group of boards so it can affect these boards when I cut
But there is still i problem to reach into each individual board.
'Now they are all seperated

You can’t affect a component from the “outside” you have to be editing the component by opening it. The exception is using solid tools and some other extensions. Your description of “cutting lines” suggests using “Intersect” from the contextual menu. You either have to have the cutting element inside the component or copy the lines in. It seems like a hard way to figure this out, and 3d isn’t needed in the process.

Yes I guess I have to try a little bit more with the solid tools
Otherwise it seems like I have to cut the boards one by one.

Thanks for the input…