Different Elevations?

I draw at specific elevations, all good. I make a Group, all good. If I edit the Group, all within has different elevations than if I check them when out of the Group. Is there a was to get the elevation of all objects, groups, components and some raw geometry to work off of the same starting elevation?

Can you share your .skp file so we can see what you are seeing and help you get it sorted?

This circle is in a Group 7’ off of Elevation 0. If I open the Group to edit it and then put a tape on a point it shows an elevation of 0. ?

Elevation Issue.skp (161.0 KB)

When you open the group you’'re apparently measuring off the group’s axes. The location of the geometry isn’t moving relative to the model origin. In this screen show I have your group open for editing, the group’s axes are displayed, not the model axes but you can see from the coordinates of the point that the circle is still 7 feet up.

Good enough! Using the Text Tool does show the accurate elevation and I can use it without leaving the Group. Thanks Dave! BTW, what critter is that a picture of? Thanks again!!

@Dave I am trying to understand OP and your follow-up better.

When I open the group, I get the same coordinates as you do (7’ above model axes)
When I close the group, I get a coordinate 0" on Z axis. Reflecting the group axes?


Good deal.

The critter is a prairie dog wearing a bowler.

No. When the group is closed you are seeing the model axes. The group axes are by default located at the lower front left of the group’s bounding box. The same applies to components as well. If you turn on axis display in Model Info>Components, you ca see those group and component axes without opening the group or component for editing.

Here I’ve put guidelines on the model axes and then opened the group.

Here’s a model from earlier today and you can see the component axes for each component.

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Thanks, greatly appreciated.

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