Difference between Sketchup Pro and on line Sketchup

If I create a model in Sketchup Pro 2019, can I edit it in the less expensive on line Sketchup?

Also…what are the basic differences between the two…other than their cost? Thanks!

The main difference is that the online version cannot run extensions as opposed to the desktop client version. The both can open and edit SketchUp models.

Thank you! I import DWG files on a regular basis and use Sandbox to convert to a TIN…and a DEM. I am not sure if that requires an Extension, but is a necessity in my projects.


Sandbox Tools is an extension so you wouldn’t have that in SketchUp Shop.

You also wouldn’t have LayOut.

Well…that seals it for me. I need sandbox to convert AutoCad topo to a TIN…

Thanks again Dave!