Difference between SketchUp Go and SketchUp iPad

What is the difference between SU Go and SU iPad?

Does SU Go really have a 30 day free trial?

What is the trial period for SU iPad?

SketchUp Go is a new name for our Web-based modeler (previously called SketchUp Shop) and now includes SketchUp for iPad as well. Hence the name ‘go’.

See here to compare features and prices.

The 30 day trial would give you the Studio version. If you sign up for Go via your iPad, that is a 7 day trial.

Thanks for this info. IMO, this is very misleading on the web site. I think you should make it clearer.

So, if I sign up for Studio, you get the iPad version fo 30 days? My laptop is broken so my only option would result in just a 7 day trial?

Wish I could get a 30 day trial on my iPad. :unamused:

I think you can start the trial of Studio from the BROWSER on your iPad. Do this BEFORE installing the iPad app! That way you’ll have a 30 day trial of EVERYTHING Sketchup.

@colin Please confirm this!