Didn't Remove My License Before Uninstalling Sketchup


I was having problems with Sketchup 2014 so I decided to uninstall it and install the latest version.

I didn’t read the procedure about removing your license first and now Sketchup won’t accept my license details.

How can I resolve this?

Many Thanks

Latest version? SketchUp 2016? If that’s what you installed, your 2014 license will not license the newer version. Go to the SketchUp site and use the License Wizard to get the upgrade info.

I guess it’s too late now but the next time you upgrade to a new version of SketchUp, leave the older one installed at least until you’ve fully transitioned all of your assets to the new one.

Hi Dave

I have a maintenance contract so I have the proper info, I just hadn’t upgraded yet.

I ran through the license wizard and was emailed the license info.

It was the same info that I already had but I tried to license it again and hey presto, it worked this time.

Thanks for you help.

Greatly appreciated.


Note that you must run SketchUp as an administrator for licensing to work.


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