Developer needed for new plugins

My name is Joachim

I need a developer, hade one, have produced 11 plugins, and have a few more ideas
(Can’t code myself)
see them in Extension Warehouse

Best Joachim


An extension that closes a group and activates the select tool? For $4? I can’t believe that these are published extensions available through Trimble’s site.

Extension Warehouse Team care to comment on how this passed the 1st 2 points of Publishing Guidelines?


I agree. SPACE then ESC does it well enough for anyone.

These kinds of unneeded extensions is why I did not respond to the request in December.
Code for some of these “extensions” has been posted free by programmers in the community forums.

@SKP-EXPERT Joachim I do not like that you spammed me with a direct message as well.
Do not do so again ! (I flagged it as spam.)
I have also flagged this topic as spam because it violates the forum rules of duplicate postings. You should have bumped your previous December topic with a new post.

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