Developer account lost?

Just now I tried to sign one of my rbz extension files, and the page doesn’t recognize my developer account, it wants me to apply for a new one. I signed an rbz successfully a month ago. I cleared all browser caches but the issue persists. @colin maybe you can point me to the right place?

It happened to me too - this was because I had changed my usual google-id login to a secondary login for a testing-forum that I have recently joined that insisted that it used my linked email - not the email linked to my google-id…
[but of course I can’t tell you any of that!].
So when I tried to login to my developer-account it failed - I assume that was because it saw the other currently unregistered account linked to me.
After a bit of faffing on I have managed to re-login to the dev-site with the usual google-id - all is good…

Are you part of any testing-regimes which insist on the linked email being used - even when you already have a perfectly usable google-id already registered ??

Some time ago I changed the email I’m using to get consistency between sites. But I’ve signed extensions since then without this issue. Also, I tried both emails (clearing the cache between attempts) and neither of them works any more.

Assuming you don’t have that common a name, I see three emails addresses for you. Only the one that starts with ‘sandr.’ is a developer account.

Interesting. Although there are more of us than you might expect, I have never run into another on these forums so those must all be me. But I only remember using two emails. Lets’s take this to PM to get it sorted out.

Edit: For anyone else who encounters a similar issue, @colin was able to straighten it out for me.