Developed Shape Plugin

Hi Everybody

I am not at my computer for a few hours so I cannot post an example file, but maybe I can explain my query.

I am designing a glass structure where one of the elements is a curved glass unit standing 2M high with a 1.5M radius. The included angle is approximately 45 degrees.

The roof of the structure slopes at 3 degrees and cuts through the curved unit.

I have to give the glass manufacturer the shape of the curved glass before it is curved and wonder if there is a plugin available that does that.

I know I can get the shape with some fairly basic trigonometry and that the inner and outer panes will be different but I would like to explore the idea of a plugin.

Cheers, Kevin

Unwrap and Flatten Faces extension

Thank you Mihai

I will have a look at this plugin :+1:

Note: if Unwrap and Flatten Faces produces a shape with gashes between faces, it is an indication that SketchUp doesn’t think the modeled surface is conformal. That is it can’t be mapped to a flat plane without distortion. This will most often happen if the shape has a compound curve (curves along more than one axis).

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