Determining the diameter of a circle for an array of circles

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That is a perfect example of what the guy wanted! Too bad he probably won’t bother to learn or follow this! But I sure did!

I think he wanted to now how many cubic meters of sand he needed to fill them.

That makes more sense to me then.

That would be true, but the OP, is apparently very new to SU.

Here’s everything merged into a single solid … subtract the volume of one tire times 40 and the result is the amount of sand needed.

Shall we pass the collection plate now? :slight_smile:

I already gave you my 2 cents! :wink:

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Wouldn’t you need to calculate the volume of rubber and remove that from the volume of sand needed.

there would also be sand in the void underneath the tires. (guessing)

Assuming they are Michelin Defender 205/60R16 92T BSW Touring tires, that’s up to you Box!

less wear!

Yes, you must know the actual volume of the rubber in the tire. Multiply that times the 40 tires in the stack and subtract that number from the total volume (I think I said that). The OP didn’t indicate how the tire volume is to be calculated, but you can submerge one in a filled tub and weigh the water displaced. This would account for any sand underneath or inside or what not.

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Don’t you need more rings of tyres in the centre to make the structure work?
The op never answered these significant questions properly in the original thread.

I was going on this comment:


Love where this has gone! Funny!

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Hi, thanks for your observation.
The idea is the the center of the structure will also be filled by sand. as well as the tires. Os each ring of tires with be supported by the lower ring and by the sand in the inner circle.

So how do you set the number of sides a circle has?

Before drawing a circle, you can select the Circle tool (e.g., pressing the keyboard short-cut “C”) and then typing “48s” (or perhaps just “48”?) to set the number of sides for subsequent circles. If you have already drawn a circle but it remains untouched by other lines, then you can select the circle and then in the Entity Info dialog box modify the value shown for number of sides. If the circle has been modified or has faces coming off of it, then the value shown in Entity Info will not allow modification.

The same techniques work for the various types of arcs.

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Thanks, a trick i didn’t know. So a circle is a polygon with lots of sides. I see the default is 24 sides for a circle.