Detaching from model

I would like to know if there is a easy and fast way to just detach for example a line (edge) from another object. I have this pipe and a line conected to its edge, I want to move the tip of the line to reposition, but it always drag the pipe model with it. Is there a hotkey or something that I just use in this case to drag the line tip and detach from the pipe object?

I know I can group the pipe but I really don’t want in this case. I want to know if there is an easier solution.


Copy the line with Move/Copy.

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Hy DaveR,
It works for what I want but I was wondering if there is a way to do that (move) with just the tip of the line so the other extremity of the line stay where it is.

Probably easiest to just draw a new line and erase the old one. You can move just one end of an edge segment if you want.

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