Dessin d'une inductance électrique


Je voudrai dessiner une inductance (enroulement) électrique ou électronique comme ce dessin

Je vous remercie pour votre aide

You could find a symbol online, but as this is the SketchUp forum…

I drew a line, rotated it up 30° about the y-axis. I used the extension helix along a curve, then Eneroth’s Flatten to Plane to make it 2D. I tried Sandbox tools drape first, but it missed out some segments. Then I drew a couple of straight lines on the ends and rotated it 180°.

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thank you,

It’s really amazing. But what is the extension helix aloong a curve and how do Eneroth’s Flatten to plane ?


Here are links to the extensions on Sketchucation:
Helix along curve

and in the Extension Store:

Flatten To Plane

If you wanted a chunkier look, create a tube too:

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Thanks for your help.
I have downloaded both extensions and will follow your explanation.

have a good day


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I tried your method but I have a problem with the Eneroth Flatten to plane extension. I can’t reproduce your result. And it’s curious, I only have one order in the Extension tab. By following your method I only get the following figure:


Despite everything I managed to make a pretty interesting 3d drawing with Helix alond curve:

Also, if you can tell me more about the Eneroth Flatten to plane extension, I would be very grateful.
Have a good day.


Then use the basic Scale tool

You’re probably trying to use it on the group instead of the edges inside the group.
Edit the group and select all the edges, then use Flatten to Plane. You could also explode the group first if you’re sure it won’t stick to other geometry.

@mikhai.s’s method of using the scale tool works too. I’m not sure if it’d be totally flat. If you choose a scale that’s less than 1/1000 inch, SketchUp would merge the heights to make it flat. e.g type 0.0005" as the scale.

In this GIF, I first try to flatten the group. Nothing happens as it would move the group to the x-y plane (it is already there). The second time, I edit the group, click the helix (which is one welded curve from Helix along curve) then use Eneroth Flatten to Plane and it works.