Desperate for help

Hey guys, I have been struggling with getting back into modelling with sketchup…not that I was ever that proficient but I could at least do fairly simple 2D drawings… I recently started doing full renders to do vr walkthroughs but I guess somewhere along the way I messed up some geometry and a lot of things are wonky when I try to convert it to layout… My customer wants to convert a basement to an apartment and add an entrance through the garage (which they have engineered drawings for) but I have been reallllly struggling to get it to the point that it is usable… If anybody could even just fix the wall lines so they are all the same color or explain to me how to easily do it, I would be forever in your debt… I try to use the line tool and it always wants to fill it…even when I set opacity to zero… I am desperate…losing my mind over this..

You’ll have to share the file if you want it to be checked by any of us.

whoops…Dropbox - GOULDING HOMESTEAD layout.layout - Simplify your life

It’s because – well perhaps at least one of your issues – your walls in SketchUp are incomplete solids and the section cuts therefore don’t render properly.