Designing islamic center

In order to design islamic mosques and islamic centers, Can we do with sketchup? If so, then which is best sketchup module?

Looking forward to your kind reply.


If you can follow the guideline you can design it in Sketchup and document it in Layout. Go to YouTube and watch the tutorials from Sketchup and others on how to use the application. If you want to create a rendering then pick a rendering application and learn how to use it (most have online tutorials) and import the 3D SketchUp model into the rendering application.

You can model anything you can imagine on sketchup, the question is if this project is a commercial one, are you going to earn money by doing this? Or is it a hobbyist project?
For commercial purposes you need to get the Sketchup Pro or Go license, if not you can use the free web based app.
The difference between the Go, Pro and free versions are the platform and the tools, the free and Go versions are web based, but the Go includes more tools and the sketchup for iPad. The pro license includes the same as the Go plus the desktop application with Layout, a software to make 2D documentation out of a 3D model, and the possibility to use plug-ins, tools developed by third parties that can speed up the modeling, some plug-ins are free and some are paid.