Designing a lathe

Designing a lathe on the Sketchup Web version.
Simply could not afford any other version.

Need to align tail stock perfectly with chuck.

Not terribly difficult. I would model the tailstock in place aligned with the headstock center.

Assuming you haven’t done that, you can grab the tailstock component by a center point with the move tool and move it to the center line of the head.

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Can models be downloaded from warehouse with Sketchup Web?

Trying to find a lathe chuck or tailstock.


Can designs be upload to the forum via Sketchup Web?

Haven’t found a way yet.

Yes. You can get models from the 3D Warehouse. Click on Components on the right side and search. You might find a lathe you could extract a chuck and tailstock from. I’ve never looked for that sort of thing. I’ve modeled a lathe before but made the whole thing myself.

Yes. You can either save the SketchUp file to your computer–click the file folder icon. Or you can create an image and then drag and drop it into the forum.

Plenty of lathes to choose from on the 3D Warehouse. Have a look in your browser at

Thank you for replying.