Designing a gymnasium floor


I feel quite over my head. I have been asked to design the court marking for our gymnasium. I just would like to draw rectangles for basketball, volleyball, badminton etc to scale and place them on the gymnasium floor and be able to manipulate them to best fit. Thoughts?


Make a rectangle the size of the gym floor. Make it a group. Draw the basketball court, make it a group. Color it to your liking. Draw the volleyball court, make it a group… you get the idea. Then you can adjust the placements of the courts. You’ll have to edit the court groups to break the lines where they intersect.

Keep in mind there can be three volleyball courts on a basketball court. Typically one oriented with the larger court and/or two going cross-ways.

You can search for the court dimensions for each sport by their governing bodies. In the case of volleyball, it would be FIVB



Do you want to manipulate the relative position (OK) or the shapes of the fields themself (not OK)?


Consider making “glue to” components for the different spots rectangles (including all the markings/lines) to have them stick to the larger gynnasium floor’s face (one level higher in hierarchy.
Better yet, make them “glue to” + “cut opening” to avoid Z-fighting.

Both components can have all the lines included (say both white or one white, the other yellow) and between lines no face at all. Upon placing them on the large floor you’ll then see the large floor face color. Otherwise (if no voids per component between the lines, use different transparent colors to mimic the different fields.

Remember you should be able to stack “glue to” components in hierarchy.
Say three ‘Volleyball_field’ components are is placed on the face of one (and inside, to "glue to +cut) ‘Basketball_field’ which is then placed on the larger gym floor.


Here’s an example for a volleyball court according to the official FIVB rules… (18.2 KB)