Design a Christmas Ornament for class project

Hi folks,

I have to create a Christmas Ornament with our schools logo or name on it. It’s for a PLC course so design is not part of our curriculum. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Hi Eric,

Is there something specific we can help with? I would personally start with the name or logo in .jpg format, imported so that you can trace it, and build the ornament around it. Will the ornament be turned into a physical object, or just the conceptual drawing or model?


Hi Drew, We will be printing it out on a Makerbot 2.

We have 3 classes left to get this completed. We are printing the ornaments and placing them in boxes using robots, conveyor belts and actuators and sensors. The printing was supposed to be the easy part! Not so much!



As I stated, I would start with importing a .jpeg of your logo or school name and trace it. Then you can build your ornament around it.


Thank you Drew, let me start playing with that.