Deselecting lines in a component

ok, another total newb question. I am building a trundle bed for my son and I am using this project to learn SketchUp and see if it will work for me. I’ve had a blast so far learning, far more interesting than I ever thought since I’m not a computer guy. Here is the issue.

On the back panel I wanted to put panels inside rails and stiles. The outer stiles have a single 1/2" groove running along the edge. The middle panels will receive the groove on both sides. I made the left stile, move, copy and moved it to the other side. I then did the /5 tool and created evenly spaced stiles along the whole thing. I marked the mid point of where the stiles where. I then deleted all but one of the center stiles. I made the one remaining center stile unique. Move, copy, move and added the groove on the other side since it already had one groove. Deleted that copy and used the move tool once again to replace the deleted stiles with ones that had grooves on both sides. Now here is the problem…when I tried to make those unique stiles a group, it keeps selecting the lines of the rail above and below.

I am sure there is a MUCH better way to accomplish what I am trying to do, and I would love to hear any input…but is there a way to delete those and not include them in the component? Included is the model. Caleb’s Trundle Bed 2.skp (126.1 KB)
Thanks in advance

I don’t see the issue you are having, the four center components are wrapped as a component without anything extra.
Could you show us an image of what the problem is?

Edit: My guess is you are mistaking the bounding box for selected edges.

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Yes there is.

First, streamline the approach to creating all of the stiles.

After copying the left stile to the right side, using /5 was the right thing to do. The next step would be to right click on the stile next to right leg and flip it along the component’s red. Currently in your mode the groove is toward the post.

Next, select just the center four stiles, right click on one and choose Make Unique. This will separate those four from the outer two. Then you can edit one of the four to add the other groove.

I think Box has hit it. You’ve made a nested component of the center stiles. You’ve double wrapped them. At this stage in the model there’s no need to do that. Just leave them as individual components.

Are you around today?

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