Depth cue redraw and wierd Checkup result - Related?


When I change my view (orbit or pan) all my depth cues redraw. This does not happen right after loading the model, but appears after a handful of moves. The model movement though, seems fairly fluid.

I ran CheckUp to see if there was an issue and after a long duration of what seemed like non-responsiveness from CheckUp, it reports that my AMD R9 380 4GB card has less than 1mb of memory.

I have the latest video drivers directly from the AMD website. I’m running an AMD 8350 and have 16GB of ram.

The system plays games just fine.


What you describe is normal. SketchUp might drop things like depth cueing and even textures to maintain fluid orbiting and other camera adjustments.


Yes Checkup uses Microsoft’s msinfo32.exe on Windows, which is known to have some issues reading the graphics memory of some cards. (Therefore, the checkup routine built into SketchUp startup does not prevent SketchUp from running if it “thinks” the graphics memory is deficient.)

Release Notes for Checkup 17.2 says:

Improved Checkup’s messaging for graphics cards that report inaccurate memory information.


Thanks for the info @DanRathbun & @DaveR! Nice to know something is not actually wrong besides being a bit annoying.


You should go back to the earlier versions when SketchUp didn’t do this. You want to see annoying, orbiting, zooming, and panning in those versions, especially with textures and shadows on, was far from smooth.


Yes I have been using Sketchup for many years. I remember the very glitchy movement especially on lower end hardware and/or onboard graphics. I didn’t think my system was lacking enough to cause issues now though. I do admit, I am working on a large detailed model.