Delete unnecessary lines

Please tell me how to automatically delete unnecessary parts of contact parts of spherical surfaces and cubes.

@koko.narumi, please at least include some screenshors or a model (skp) file in your post to clarify what you intent to achieve.

For example, on the arrow face inside the sphere
When erasing the sphere contact range
Or the pipe suddenly got in
How to remove the pipe inside the sphere.

I’m not completely sure what you are asking, but does this help.
GIF 10-05-2022 8-56-36 PM

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Thank you very politely
Can you understand the explanation as shown in the figure?

2022年5月10日(火) 20:08 Box via SketchUp Forum <>:

According to your profile, you have SketchUp Pro, so you can also use the solid tools/Union to combine your shapes.

My question has been resolved
Thank you all

2022年5月11日(水) 0:55 Anssi Wainio via SketchUp Forum <>: