Delete extra lines on drawings

Hello, many times it happens to me, I need to join several surfaces and then extrude them as a single surface.

You will see in the image 01.jpg, in which there are several lines that I have to erase in order to then extrude the entire surface together. (see images 02 and 03)

I have to erase line by line with the delete tool. Is there an easier way?


Are you drawing the short edge segments when you draw the floor plan? If so, maybe you can change your workflow so you don’t have the lines to delete.

These silhouettes seen in the drawing are from an architectural drawing. They arise from 3 different groups: A walls, B walls and columns, which together form the silhouette of the final wall. That’s why they are drawn like this

If you are using the rectangle tool to draw wall parts (the best way to always assure parallel surfaces), it will always draw all of all four of its edges. Having to erase small parts where walls meet is normal and unavoidable in that workflow.

You can do it this way

with Eneroth Face Creator, Fredo6 JointPushPull and CleanUpÂł.


Thomthom’s Selection Toys is a good option for this type of thing.
Selection toys