Delete Doesn't Delete


When I use the eraser or select and hit delete key lines stay blue and do not delete. If I save and close and then reopen they are gone but that would be a crazy thing to constantly do.

Anyone encounter this bug?

Can you share a model that exhibits this problem? I can’t recreate it on my Mac.

I’ll try that Monday. Going home after a long week.

Could it be a graphics card issue?

Are you in LayOut or SketchUp? If it’s LayOut, try zooming in or out a small amount after deleting the item.

I’m in SketchupPro 2020. Zooming in and out doesn’t help. I don’t have any issues like tis in Layout.

What would be the issue with a graphics card? I am working on an older imac with this card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4 GB

That’s inconsistent with what it says in your forum profile. Please correct whichever is wrong, as conflicting information doesn’t help us to help you!

That’s my original laptop. I am on the office iMac now.

Sorry. Just guessing because it is an odd behavior and it seems an operation was done but not displayed properly.