Deformed edges and faces in SketchUP 22 Pro with Win 11

I have been using SU for many years and in Jan 22 moved to a new computer with Win 11 and SU 22 Pro. No problems at first, now with a larger model (286MB) and with an included OBJ file (drone foto scanned) have simple components that are no longer editable. The edges are distorted and shift so much when rotating that the points become unselectable. Push pull no longer works either. Have played with the settings in GL, unfortunately without success. Can anyone help?

22-12-13-Problems.pdf (142.6 KB)

I would guess that your objects are really far away from the world origin.

If you draw a shape does that become distorted too?

Thank you very much for your inquiry, yes the zero point is far away and corresponds to the official Swiss map system. I work with customer data that is georeferenced and created in Autocad. I had already created several models with this origin and had no major problems. When I create a new shape (circle) it is also jagged but after selecting top assembly it seems ok again. The phenomenon is not always the same. Sometimes it helps to change the camera between parallel projection and perspective. I will now try to work with smaller saved components and then insert them into the main model after completion. The question is whether SU is at the limit or whether it is a Win 11 issue. Too bad for this limit, otherwise I’m very happy with SU. I would be very grateful if SU could also accept the large distances to the Origin (like AutoCAD). Any other thought?

This is a SketchUp limitation shared with many other 3D modelling and BIM applications (Revit and Archicad, for instance), It is usually solved by using a georeferencing system that establishes the difference between the model origin and a map system. The geolocation system in SketchUp uses the lat/long system like Google Earth/Maps while Archicad and Revit place a “survey point” that can be set to values of the local geographical grid.

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Thanks for the indication. Where are the limits in the distances to the Origin in SU, are these known and are there efforts to increase them in the following versions? I think this would make SU more interesting for many potential professional users and would be a great added value.

I don’t know the exact limits. Display clipping becomes more common when the model size is measured in kilometers but the distorted shapes appear typically when the distance to the origin is some tens of kilometers. So the Swiss grid is definitely not recommended. I have read recommendations from the Archicad and Revit developers that models in their applications should be kept within 30 km from the origin.
To get your model “on the map” I would use a workaround: Make your model near the origin, export your DWG, and place it to the correct coordinates and orientation in your map file as an XREF or block. Then let the people who need the file in the map coordinate system have that.

Thanks Anssi
That makes sense. I will now shorten the Origin to Swiss grid per axis by the first 4 digits and then have a model within 1 Kilometer. For other applications I will probably need a model within about 20km. Will inform you about result.