Defining the line_styles using ruby in SketchUp 2019

Folks, I’ve been trying to find out what’s the value of the mystery line_styles when adding a new layer, I’ve tried [“Solid”], [“Dot”] and [“Dash”] works, but however the other line styles listed here even follow the names on it the layer panel will only return the new_layer as “Default”.
Codes below:

layers = model.layers
new_layer = layers.add("new_name")
new_layer.line_style = Sketchup.active_model.line_styles["VALUe"]

can anyone help to point out what VALUE will set the new_layer.linestyles = Short Dash, Dash Dot etc shown below?


are you using the exact names?

> Sketchup.active_model.line_styles.each{|type| p}
"Solid Basic"
"Short dash"
"Dash dot"
"Dash double-dot"
"Dash triple-dot"
"Double-dash dot"
"Double-dash double-dot"
"Double-dash triple-dot"
"Long-dash dash"
"Long-dash double-dash"


Thank you so much John!
I follow the attached picture then capitalized the first character of the second words onwards… case sensitive problem.