Defining planes

I have tried to define a plane to put a fence on - but since the plane I defined with four lines all on the same plane BUT is very close to another set of pieces of plane that are segmented (all on the same plane), I can’t get the simple plane to light up indicating the software is recognizing it as a plane.

I also drew two concentric arcs, and joined the ends of the arcs wishing for the angled face to be recognized as a surface, but I can’t figure out how to do that. In other words - I defined a slice from a 1/4 conical shape, and want the curved surface recognized.

Maybe you could share the SKP file so we can see what it is you’re talking about?

Like this?

(Edit: changed animation)

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That’s cool - but what I wanted was conical in shape - the arcs were concentric - but the upper one was larger radius than the lower one.

What I really wanted was also the arcs to be in two different planes, because it represented a stone wall that was taller at one end than the other, and it wasn’t vertical, it laid back as a retaining wall that had to start high on one end, and was lower on the other end because the upper level sloped down towards the lower level.

I haven’t had any luck creating things on a different plane other than the foundational green and red axis

With Cotty’s model in mind (try to recreate it) use the ‘Move’ tool on certain points of the upper arc: endpoint and middel point (the cardinal points of an arc). Or just move the entire upper arc in its plane. Or apply the ‘Scale’ tool on this arc. See if any of the new geometry comes close to what you are after.

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