Default Insert Layer for Components


Hi, in CREATE COMPONENT dialog box having option for setting the component on layer will save me a lot of unnecessary work? I’ve attached picture to show what I mean.

Thanks Michal

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At this level, a definition is always on Layer0. (Even in most CAD applications it is done this way.)

Later it is the instances that are placed on specific layer(s).

OK. BUT… that does not mean the gist of your idea doesn’t have some merit. It does.

It might be interesting to be able to set a “Default Insert Layer” for a definition.

(1) (Most Importantly,) how would the user be informed that components in the “Component Browser” had a “default insert layer” setting, and what it was set to ?

  • I very much doubt everyone wants to click on components individually, and then switch to the “Edit” tab, in order to find this information.

  • It would have to be added to the component info in “Details” mode, and likely displayed in a additional column, in “List” mode.

(2) There most definitely would need to be a user control, where they can choose to disable the use of these default layers. (Your choice of Layer names may not be to their liking.)

  • Or an override mode, where a insert confirmation dialog pops up, allowing the user to redirect the insert to another layer.

  • Perhaps adding a check box on the above dialog to apply the choice to the “In Model” definition so that subsequent insertions use the “overriden” layer.

(3) But what would be the condition that triggers the use of this setting, and not inserting the instance upon the current layer (as happens now.)

  • Would the insert layer be used only if the user had “Layer0” set as the active layer ?

(4) Would SketchUp create this insert layer if it did not already exist ?

  • Would layer creation be transparent to the user ? … or would the user be informed via a popup “Yes/No” message box ?


Hi I just tough it will be handy to assign component to any layer while you creating it.

It may not make sense but it will make my life bit easer.


When you make the component and choose to replace the selection with the new component, that component is now in the layer that the selection was in. Would you get most of what you’re asking for if you put your geometry into the layer you want the component to be in, before making the component?


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Don’t do it! Never put any primitive geometry on any layer except layer0. ComponentInstances and Groups go on other layers, but their contents should stay on layer0.


I see that if you Save As the component, the external file does also have the geometry in layer 1. I thought maybe it would be in layer 0 of the external version.