Dead MacBook Pro

My MacBook Pro is not worth repairing, I can’t access the contents. How do I access my PRO subscription from a different MacBook Pro?

With a subscription you can just sign in on the new machine with the correct email and it should work. You can also sign into your trimble account and deauthorise the dead machine.

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thanks for your reply, I have no luck trying the Trimble sites, could you please send me a link to the correct Trimble page. Thank you.

I’ll just poke @colin to help you out.

Thank you.

Nothing I like more than a good poke.

Do you have a subscription or a Classic license? Are either of those under your forum email address?


not really sure, sorry, all I know it is Pro and I’m billed yearly now for the service

I believe its under my address.

I edited your post to hide your email address.

I found that you had an older license and migrated that to a subscription. To sign out your dead machine you can follow the instructions on this page:

After those steps the dead computer is signed out, and shouldn’t stop you from signing in on other computers.

Thank you, I will try it now!

I am signed into my Trimble account, it say I have no plans or products assigned to me?

checked back the billing and on 24 Jan 2022 I purchased SKP-PRO-YR-WEB-01
so I find it odd that I can’t access it anywhere?

Check the Member section on the left.
Make sure that the email has the right product access.

Than, it will show up in the ‘My Products’ section and you can download the ‘included apps’.

The Pro subscription I see is under your hotmail address, not your gmail one.