DC wishlist 2019

Working with dynamic components, I note that some small changes can improve the lives of those who work with this tool.

this question is not properly from Dynamic Components but it affects, for example, a drawer that I created, in which the front plate is a component but the handle (of the same plate) is another one, because it requires some different behavioral properties. Then, by texturizing these components, the alignment of the texture unwinds, giving an ugly look as the end result. It is only possible to fix this if the components explode, but then they lose their behavioral properties.

it is a suggestion to change the format of the symbols to facilitate the visualization of who “writes” the behavior of the dynamic components. They can be in bold and with the same color of the respective label. Even having the option of simply clicking on some behavior label (eg. LenY), it would visually make it much easier to distinguish between the tags being written.

The tab that opens the respective window (what do you want to edit) is far from the main window, which contains the parameters used as the basis for “writing” the behavior of the sub components. The suggestion is that there are 2 buttons to send the tabs that you want to edit upwards, closer to the main window and then make it easier to search the label information in the window of the parent component.