DC sheet names allow an illegal character

DC sheet names prevent the user from using arithmetic symbols like - but allow pipe |. If after naming a sheet using pipe, one then tries to rename it to anything else in the DC sheet, SketchUp crashes. A workaround is to use Eneroth’s Attribute Editor and make the change there.

I made one using | on Mac & PC, renamed it, but maybe I’m missing one of your steps, Peter. When you say “rename it to anything else in the DC sheet”, I was right clicking on the DC, selecting Dynamic Components->Component Attributes, then double clicking on the name to get a box to rename it. No crash. Now granted, the rename box is in sad shape on the Mac (bugs filed), but I couldn’t make it crash. Suggestions?

To clarify, I’m talking about renaming a sheet in Component Attributes,
rather than changing the value of the Name attribute within a sheet. But I
think you’re saying the same thing. Just making sure.