DC - requests and Issue's


When creating text field options and list fields, they behave differently. If I change a text field ( CM - result in mm ) and press enter then it is directly executed/applied. But if I change a list to another list item selection, I have to press Apply before it gets applied.

Is it posable to have Components what are items/sublevel of a main/toplevel Component in the Component list in SU hidden or at least visible behind the toplevel Component? When creating/using many components it is a mess when having many subcomponents on one level. Love to see something like the Outline Sublevel view.

A way to embed ruby script, that can be executed from inside the Component, to avoid missing this and missing that script outside. But with a way to cancel or trust to let the script call outside. Maybe a kind of signing the script and checked by Trimble.

Is there a way to draw lines, copy items/objects ( not like repeating a fence part ) from inside a component?

Adding checkboxes, radio buttons and sliders in the options and in attributes with min and max value’s for the slider.

A way to connect/communicate one Component with another separated component or being aware of its surrounding. F.e example I would love to know how far one component is away from its neighbour ( one axes to another its axes ). I do believe this can be done by Ruby script but there is no way to tell a component the results.