DC Options Disappear When Nesting With Another DC

I´m in the process of making a product modelling of a nightstand. I am modelling only using components and i have made the nightstand a dynamic component with options to alter the depth, width and height of the nightstand. Everything works perfectly so far, however i´ve come to the point where i have modelled the drawer for the nightstand. The drawer is also made as a DC entirely made of Components. My problem is that whenever i nest the drawer DC into my nightstand DC all off my premade component options for my nightstand disappear from the component options window, although i can still change these values through the component attributes window. For now I haven´t given the drawer any component options to play with since I could imagine it might screw up the options i made for the nightstand. Does anyone know why my component options window clears out when I nest the Drawer DC with my Nightstand DC?

Im totally new to this forum and would like to add my sketchup files for you to see i just dont know how. Thankfully i have made a backup of my Nightstand DC that works before i started working on the Drawer DC. Therefore if needed i could upload both files so you might have a better chance at helping me figure this out.

Sometime this happens with DC and you have to restart SketchUp. Try that as there might be nothing wrong with your model.

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As you’re a new user, you might be restricted in what you can do. You’ll need to make more posts or do some more reading of the forum to be granted the ability to post more files. I’m not sure of the exact rules.

Thanks McGordon

I Think it might have been some kind of bug. Yesterday when i encountered this problem i tried restarting SU and opening Component attributes and Component Options via the context menu instead off toolbar buttons as i read in another post it might be the issue, however i did´nt work. But today everything works just fine. Thanks again McGordon for your fast reply i will remember for future posts.