DC don't scale correctly

I have DC that can change angle cut in parameters. The issue is that when I scale it to any point it doesn’t do it correctly and I have to snap at least 3 times before I can get desired length. Can Anyone tell me what’s the issue with it?

Thanks for any help.

Regards, Bart
Double Angle Top Plate.skp (254.9 KB)

Hello Woodit
I don’t see any problem with your dc
I resized it with the parameters with the scale tool, I rotated it, I don’t see any dimensions bug. Neither in the lengths nor in the angles!
Too bad you didn’t provide for the reverse angles on one side -30°
The only error is when the angle is 0 the tangent does not return 0.
I had made a tutorial model for this purpose on 3warehousse:

Have a nice day

Thank you for respond. But I think I fixed that. The issue was the axes of main DC not set up correctly.

Now scale tool snaps at first time to proper length.

Double Angle Top Plate.skp (245.7 KB)

Hello Woodit
It works well, you reversed the axis of AngleStart!
I took the liberty of modifying your file so that you can have a negative angle in AngleEnd.
It’s up to you to reproduce for angle start.

Double Angle Top Plate (with end negative value).skp (245,9 Ko)

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This is awesome :grinning: I didn’t get what you meant by negative angle :man_facepalming:

I used to keep separate DC for plate with reversed angle cut. Now I can keep just one. Thank you so much for your help and time. :beers: