DC Choose OptionIndex Function Callback Error

How come I get an error here?

Base.skp (402.8 KB)

CHOOSE() requires a number, so you need to set the values in the DoorType attribute accordingly:

Then, you won’t have to repeat it in the Pull Out, just refer to the DoorTypeIndex attribute that is calculated in the Parent (1 Door):

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Thank you @MikeWayzovski.

I have a question about this.

hidden_example2.skp (34.4 KB)
this file is from the post below.

and this example doesn’t the index number value, but still works. what makes it work?

As it turns out, the result of optionindex is the order-number, and so the result-value is still a number, the error was more likely in the Pull Out, where the Optionindex was used unnecessary.

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hm. I don’t understand what you said about the pull out. it is one of the options. so, don’t i need to put choose function in Pull out?

also, it’s not just pull out that has an error. all the other options have the same error.


I might have messed with your file, the one you posted is missing the “=” in the formula:

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wow. that was it. it works beautifully now. Thank you, @MikeWayzovski Sketchup Sage.