DC bug when scaling a parent from a child


video of DC scale bug: when a child’s scalar value is used in a formula by its parent, the parent’s scalar value is not calculated correctly

Rotation affecting size

@tt_su As I remember you found this bug years ago, before you ever started working for the SketchUp Team.

I think this was caused by the scaling factors dictionary not getting a proper dictionary name because the class creating it had a @dictionary_name value that was blank or nil, because the coder assumed it would inherit that attribute (ie, instance variable,) but the class in question, was not actually a subclass of the class that created and initialized the @dictionary_name variable.

Sound familiar ?


I’m afraid it doesn’t ring an immediate bell. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t stumble across it.
I’ll see to having it logged. (SU-31623) Thanks for reporting.


At first I did not think this would work at all, but it is possible to create a DC in which the parent scales based on the size of a sub-component.

Getting it to work depends on how you create the DC, and certain normal SketchUp operations can break the link.

The problem is hard to pin down because there seem to be several ways to create it correctly, and several ways to break it once made.

working.skp (26.1 KB)